Simulation models

The carwash:

The model has a portal that can move on the x-axis. This portal supports one horizontal brush and two vertical brushes. In the simulation a car will be washed. The program starts by switching on the brushes and starts the movement of the portal along the x-axis. The horizontal brush can move up and down, controlled by a height measurement. The horizontal brush will follow the contours of the car. At the end of the wash cycle the brushes are switched off and the portal is moved to the start position.

The model can be controlled with an Easy or LOGO! mini PLC.

Technical details:

24 VDC Power supply
5 Electric motors
2 Reflection light censors
4 End switches
6 Digital inputs
6 Digital outputs
Interface: 37pol. D-SUB
Dimensions: (w x h x d) 540 x 390 x 400 mm
Weight: ca. 6,5 kg

The Carwash system consist of:

1 Model compact carwash (with spare parts) and 37pol. D-SUB connector
1 Model car

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