PLC Trainers

The mini PLC EASY or LOGO! is mounted on a stable aluminium support. The inputs have 8 switches (on, off, pulse). An extra 2 potentiometers are connected to the analogue inputs. A 14 pin interface connector can be used to connect an external simulator. The status of the outputs is visible by 4 LEDs. The choice between analogue (0 - 10 V) or digital (0 / 1) signals for the inputs 7 and 8 are controlled by switches. The training assignments are arranged from easy to difficult. The 32 training assignments are printed on interchangeable cards.

The PLC training system consist of:

1 Adapter 230V AC / 12V DC 500mA
32 training assignments on interchangeable cards.
1 Mini PLC, Easy of LOGO!
1 Set of assignments for the student and answers for the teacher.

Dimensions (b x w x d): 170 x 100 x 100 mm

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Car wash simulation with a PLC

The mini PLC EASY of LOGO! can be used to control many different simulators. The PLC trainer is equipped with a special interface for connecting simulators. In this video you can watch a simulation of a car wash.

Features of the car wash:

- Portal forwards and backwards.
- Horizontal brush up or down.
- Vertical brushes on or off.
- Horizontal brush on or off.
- Limit contacts for portal (start / end).
- Limit contacts for horizontal brush (top / bottom).
- Height detction for the horizontal brush.

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