The data logger for education

Didactic design for educational purposes. Including A/D-converter, software with intuitive control, temperature sensor, measuring resistor V, A and a temperature measurement.
Choice from standard measurement and pre configured measurements.

The Edutec Datalogger supports the VMBO program electric engineering: K15. K16, K17 and K20, The books from EPN and Thieme-Meulenhof are also supported.

The Edutec Datalogger is a didactic tool with the features of an industrial data logger. Integral design with recognisable functionalities: measuring object, A/D-converter, PC-connection, screen control, measuring guidelines. Measuring voltages, currents and temperature with one device.

Comprehensive manual with explanation of how a data logger works, A/D-converter, de measuring methods, de measurement circuitry and applications.

The standard assignments support and enrich the learning methods of VMBO, EPN and ThM

The Datalogger system consist of:

A/D converter, 5V, 1 analogue input, internal + external trigger, 8 bits output.
Software with school licence.
PC-communications cable (RS232).
Manual, integrated standard training assignments.
Drawing and design set for making custom measuring circuits.

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